Our Message to Parents

There is very little in this world that can replace the euphoria of having a baby and bringing them home for the first time. However, we also know that life with a newborn, babies and toddlers is hard work, really hard work. We know it can seem like a repetitive cycle and that the daily grind can start to take its toll (this doesn't make you a bad parent!). 


Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance to living and building a healthy and happy family life. This is why we strongly advocate and promote six key factors to help you achieve this.

Dad with sleeping baby
Mum relaxing, looking after herself

Whether you are pregnant or a parent -
LOOK AFTER YOURSELF. Eat well, get some sleep/rest and find time for some exercise.

Maternity nurse helping a mother

You are doing a great job. Nobody finds parenting easy (no matter what they say or what you might read). DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF and give yourself a break

Mother and Baby

Some days will be amazing and you will feel like you can conquer the world. Other days things might not go quite to plan. It's ok to change plans, alter a routine, go with an easy option and have a good cry - YOU ARE NOT FAILING​

Post partum mum having time out

Everyone needs a break every now and then, that is ok. GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME OUT.

Mother Working from Home

There is no magic solution or one method that will work for everyone. Each family structure and dynamic is different. Learn to recognise and embrace this. DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF AGAINST OTHERS​

Sleep consultant and sleeping baby

And the biggie - IT'S OK TO ASK FOR HELP - you don’t have to do it alone. We are here for you

A helping hand for growing families


Tots to Toddlers offer a helping help to growing families. Supporting you and your baby. If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help you, please contact us at 


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