Our Promise

Maternity nurse

All our advice, guidance and recommendations are from experts across the industry. We will always do our best to help solve your particular problems and issues. Sometimes results can be seen quickly but at other times it may take longer and we might need to try different approaches. All we ask is that you trust us and we work together.

On top of this, we are all mothers and fathers who have either lived through or are living through the same struggles as you! We will never offer you advice which we ourselves wouldn't use on our own children or offer to our family and friends.

We want to hear your thoughts, concerns and worries and offer you a helping hand. And more importantly, we want to celebrate your achievements and milestones.

About Me

Baby sleep consultant
Happy mother and her children
Support for families

I am Sophie, the founder of Tots to Toddlers and proud mum of three little ones. The last of my babies arrived in the middle of lockdown so I certainly understand some of the mixed feelings and struggles around becoming a parent in these difficult times - it is not easy, especially with limited support available.


I am a fully qualified maternity nurse with a nationally recognised qualification in postnatal maternity nurse care and I am a sleep consultant. I love helping and supporting families overcome obstacles so they can start feeling confident in their own decision making. In my free time, I volunteer as a listener for an amazing charity called Cry-sis who help families with crying and sleepless babies. 

I only work with industry experts and professionals to bring parents answers to their questions and create a much-needed support network for families.


Tots to Toddlers has been created for two reasons; firstly I have spent years doing childcare consultancy and offering maternity nurse support to families and realised that it is hard for a parent to find all the information they need in one place. They can spend hours trolling the internet never knowing what information and who to trust. Hopefully, we can start to help fill that void. Secondly, recently I have noticed that parents are getting less and less support from the start of pregnancy through to birth and beyond, this can leave people feeling particularly vulnerable and scared. I hope that this website will offer them a starting point to get the help they may need.